Week of May 21- May 26, 2007

We are just about done with all of the framing except for some very small items and we just wanted to thank Contract Lumber www.contractlumber.com for all their help and support without which we would not have been able to do this project. Contract Lumber has been with us since our first house in 1996-1997. They have provided technical support, some very, very valuable labor, plus just about all that is seen in this blog to date. Their expertise in building knowledge and materials is extensive and formidable. Thank you Contract Lumber.

PS Since we have been with Contract Lumber of over five years, we believe that entitles us to a trip to Cancun.

Thank you Northtowne heating who supplied the labor expertise to install the heating system in our house. In this picture to the left, we are bringing up the trunk line for the second floor after the duct work in the basement has been completed. All of the heating equipment and duct work was supplied by Haebegger Heating and Cooling who sells Bryant equipment.

We are installing a whopping 97% efficient furnace in this house.

These next three pictures shows us drying in our front porch. The photograph to the left is Will and Alex from periods 1/2/3 .

Periods 3/4/5 drying in the porch. If one clicks on this picture to enlarge it, something obviously funny has happened. We'd like to tell what happened, but whatever happens on the site stays on site.

The photo is the front porch that has been "dried in" (made water tight). Notice how we use a self stick ice and water shield and wrapped it over the facias of our roof making it so these boards will not rot. In the house and garage, we used treated 2 x 6 lumber to achieve the same results. This is one of the many details we used to make our house durable and high performing. If you go through this blog one can see the other details we have used.

This is a shot of our garage with it's garage door installed. It's starting to look like a home.

Lindsey in the garage nailing down the bottom plates in our garage using 16d galvanized nails into treated sill plates. We used Borate treated sill plates which are very non-toxic to the environment and do not corrode galvanized fasteners like other treated lumber. Borate is the same natural mineral that is used to whiten clothes. Many of us "Old Schoolers" remember the commercials for 20 Mule Team Borax commercials whose product is still sold to whiten clothes.