Construction as of Saturday, May 11, 2007

Starting the trusses on the garage.

Trusses continue.


Almost completed garage with house. The garage is completely dried in now (5/13/07) and is awaiting it's large garage and service entry door.

Concrete porch in and porch posts. Students starting to put windows in.

Windows almost all in. The house is awaiting it's front and back doors which will be installed in the upcoming week. Notice the house wrap now on the entire house and the gable returns that have been built on the rakes.

Green Sustainable Building Practice - Window Installation

Wrap rough sill with flex-wrap up and around side jambs. Note the installation of a back dam to have what water does seep in drain back out. According to building scientists, all windows will leak - eventually. This window protocol was taken from the Building Science Corporation's Water Management Guide.

Cut the house wrap above the head jamb and fold it up.

Apply caulk to the window opening. Check to see that the caulk is compatible with the house wrap.

Apply a self-stick waterproof membrane to the side jambs.

Apply a self-stick waterproof membrane to the head jamb. Overlap the side jamb waterproof membrane.

Fold down the house wrap flap and which will overlap the waterproof membrane at the head jamb. Seal the top flap with tape.

The bottom of the window is not sealed to let water drain out.

The concept is to "shingle" the waterproofing materials.