Week of May 14 - May 18, 2007

Thank you Contract Lumber www.Contractlumber.com for providing and installing our front/back and garage service doors. Contract Lumber provided Therma-Tru doors which are of excellent quality.

The large garage service door was installed and our garage is now lockable so that we are now ready for roofing and siding material storage.

Almost all of the framing bits that need to be finished for our structrual inspection were finished this week.

We will soon start the finishing stages once the installation of the heating, plumbing, and electric systems get started and are completed. The heating system is tentatively slated to begin on Saturday, May 26. Plumbing will come next and then electric.

Our porches passed their strucutural inspection this week and the students got to meet and talk to the structural inspector on the details of his important job and other topics related to structural inspecting. The students in the picture to the left are adding material so that the alumninum cladding can be installed.

In the ten years of our high school building affordable homes for the America's working families, we have come to understand that it is emotional power that comes to us through this building experience that provides the powerful personal uplift, relationship building and individual growth that is possible in this endeavour.

Friday the 17th was one of those powerful days.

We had students, our mentors Dave Miller and Jim Dupriest, and our student teacher Mr. Miller on site. Jim has been with us for four years and recently has had some neck problems and has not been on site since January but out of the blue he was with us yesterday. Also, Mr. Miller's parents came to site from Michigan and built with the us. What a powerful inter-generational experience for our students to see the parents of Mr. Miller working on our site along with both Dave and Jim. And on top of that, we were all working on such a fantastic affordable, energy efficient, and high performing home on a wonderful warm and sunny day. Our nine years working to help end poverty housing in America has given us the insight that still holds true and that is that we all originally come to build and to help, but we stay and come back because of the realtionships that we build in the process.

From left to right:
On porch: Jim, Megan, Mr. Miller, Dave Miller, Andy Miller
On ground: Anne, Vinnie