Week of May 28 - June 1

Thanks to Lifestyle Comfort Systems for donating the labor to install our heating system. The rough heating system is now finished.


We seal all of our duct work to make sure the air gets to where it is supposed to go. The duct sealing mastic was donated by United McGill. In the picture to the left, the mastic is the grey material with the jagged edges around the corners of the duct work. We are trying for almost a zero duct leakage in the final test.

Duct work in the basement. Notice the sealing done at the seams.

Our high performance fan that only uses 14 watts of energy. The fan is so quiet that it is hard to tell it is even on.

Notice the gap in the back draft damper illustrated by pencil inserted in the gap. This is unacceptable to us.

We purchased these spring loaded dampers to replace the awful back draft dampers included in our bath fans. This should help the heating system to perform adequately. We are trying to control the heat, air, and moisture movement in the house. By controlling the air, we will also be able to control the heat and moisture movement too. These types of dampers will help us with this control.

The basement windows were installed this week. Our house is now officially "dried in".

Our high-tech locking system for our house. This locking system has to withstand a certain amount of "foot pounds" if you know what we mean. Wondering how we get into the house with the doors screwed shut? Using a ladder, we get in though a second story window.

We sure hope our donated locks arrive soon.