Weeks from August 20 - September 8, 2007
Because of the uniqueness of our house, Mayor Coleman made a special hour-long appearance at our site.The event was sponsored by the Columbus Housing Partnership (http://www.chpcolumbus.org/), Green Energy Ohio (http://www.greenenergyohio.org/page.cfm?pageId=3), and Home B.A.S.E.

  • The solar panels have been installed, both photovoltaic (electric) and solar thermal (fluid to heat the domestic hot water).
  • The photovoltaic panels were provided and installed by the Third Sun Solar and Wind. http://www.third-sun.com/
  • The solar thermal panels and system were provided and installed by Solar Usage Now. http://www.solarusagenow.com/
  • The front porch railing has been almost completely painted by Will.
  • The gutters have been installed.
  • Dave Miller has been instrumental in finishing the last tiny bits of framing. A section of the upstairs wall that had badly bowed studs was pulled into line along with adding studs for efficient drywall hanging, trim , and electrical box installation.
  • The roof was completely finished on the garage and main portion of the house. Only the porch roofs remain to be finished.

Mayor Coleman inside of our house addressing fifty people and news media about the importance of sustainability and Columbus' commitment to become a leader in being a sustainable city.

Geoff Greenfield with Mayor Coleman on site. Scotte Elliott, the third person to the right of the mayor in the picture (white shirt beard) was responsible for initiating the idea of having solar thermal on our house.

Solar cells being installed.

Our house with the solar thermal (left) and the photovoltaic panels (right) installed.

Ground view of house.

Solar photovoltaic panels.

Solar thermal panels.

Electrical inverter which converts the Direct Current, D.C. , from the solar panels to Alternating Current for home use.

Solar thermal pre-heat tank that is heated by the solar thermal system to provide up to 70% of the hot water for the house.

Will painting the top of the porch railing black.

Gable returns are finished on our house.