September 9 - October 20, 2007
As we almost come to a point where we will be no longer be doing anything with sixteen penny nails, 2 x 6 lumber and using our saws, we want to say thank you to Contract Lumber for supporting ten years of high school students working to end poverty housing in America.

There has been a lot of interest in our house and we have given several tours.
  • The Ohio Solar Tour with Green Energy Ohio.
  • Associates of the American Instituted of Architects (AIA, Columbus chapter).
  • Building Industries Association (B.I.A.) of Columbus.
  • Sustainable Worthington
    We have a beautiful urban city street in Columbus, Ohio where we build as this view looking south shows.

    This is a view looking north.

    Our rough electrical work is now finished with the plumbing to finished the week of October 21.

    This is a view of our kitchen.

    Interior of downstairs bathroom.

    Our ground to the reinforcing bar was cut off at some time so we had to dig down, chip away the footer so the electricians could tie into the steel to make the correct ground. This inspection passed.

    Close up of the mechanical ground clamp to the piece of reinforcing bar in the footer. e would not have had to t

    Nice early morning view of our house in the fall.