Weeks of July 16 -July 28, 2007

The great news is that our stairs are installed. We can't thank Contract Lumber and Framing enough http://www.contractlumber.com/
They provided the stairs and Roy who guided the entire process and worked a lot harder on the day the stairs were installed than he thought he'd have to.
And thank you "D" for setting things up.

Our finished stairs.

L to R: Nathan, Roy, Jessica, and Cody.

Nathan who worked for the entire day with us installing the stairs and helped with the hour long cleanup.

The other big item that has been happening for the last two weeks is that the drainage pipes from the downspouts to the street and to the rain garden have been trenched and mostly put in. This would ordinarily be an easy task but with the complex routing of the pipes to a rain garden and cistern, it has taken time.

Megan installing the sump drain to the street.

Vinnie getting ready to put the trencher to work for the last bit of trench for Megan.

Craig, who has been with us since the beginning, is loading the trencher onto the trailer at the end of an entire hot day of trenching.

Tom and Craig, lay in pipe to the rain garden. It rained "buckets" the previous day. Our basement is still high and dry though.

Photograph of the outflow pipe from our overflow cistern connected to the pipe which will take the excess water to the street.