Week of July 9 - July 14, 2007

The metal roof is now on the main house. It was donated by Dimensional Metals http://www.dmimetals.com/

Finished siding.

Franklin Adhesives Caulk http://www.franklinadhesives.com/
was donated and specifically used for this pre-finished fiber-cement siding and it's performance and color match was spectacular.

64 sheets of donated Georgia Pacific http://www.gp.com/ drywall was donated. Here 34 sheets are being boomed into the house to go into the basement before the stairs are installed. The stairs will be provided by The Contract Lumber Company http://www.contractlumber.com/
Anne, Megan, Sarah, and Dave M. cut the opening to the basement.

Thank you Josh Lloyd for working with Georgia Pacific to obtain Dens Armor Plus for our basement. This drywall has a fiberglass exterior instead of paper on the outside thus depriving mold of a food source.

Loading drywall into the basement.

Anne ... well... ask her next time you see her on what she is doing. The board is attached to the floor by one threaded fastener.

We had a problem in our dry cistern overflow pit for our sustainable rain garden design. We solved the problem with a poured wall and technical help from Brad Nardolson of the Righter Company http://www.rightercompany.com/. The catch basin is lined with filter fabric and both the earth and rock are brought up together in4"-6" lifts.
Above, Sarah, Mr. Link, and will put in the first load of stone.

We had to fill in the catch basin to a depth of six feet, one wheelbarrow at a time. You can see how deep the basin is.
That's Sarah, Phil, and Mr. Link.

Vinnie, and Mr. Link fill in and tamp the earth while Phil and Will seal the inside of the catch basin.

All of the day's work was done with pick, shovel, and wheelbarrow.

Megan, Mr. Link, Tom (behind) Scott(behind) Vinnie, and Will with the filled catch basin.
The perforated pipe sticking up allows the homeowner to monitor the water in the catch basin.

Progress on our roof #1.

Progress on our roof # 2 and digging out and putting earth into the wheelbarrow for the catch basin.

Progress on our roof # 3. The other side of the roof was finished the next day.

Scott bending metal for the roof.