Week of February 12, 2007

We only had one day on site this week. School was closed for two days and the other day we were going to be on site it was -3 degrees.

We had lots of snow this week but on Saturday, we did some work moving a wall.

Students outside our house on Saturday. It snowed most of the day.

Green-High Performance Construction Feature
Our concrete flatwork subcontractor just sent this picture that he took with his camera phone to document that he did indeed put in the foam beneath the slab. This foam beneath the slab is critical to keeping a basement dry and warm.
1. It reduces the moisture coming to the slab.
2. Warms the slab keeping moisture from condensing and wicking to the inside of the basement.
3. The cut-outs in the foam are directly over our pier supports for our posts that support the first floor. The concrete basement slab will bear directly on these concrete piers.

Getting subcontractors to do something that they don't do and have never done before is another one of those little educational "discussions" that has taken place during the construction of this house.