Week of November 6-10

We received the delivery of the lumber for the interior walls of the house from Contract Lumber. This is the first time we had framed walls (exterior) using advanced framing techniques and 24" on center framing. For the interior walls, we went back to conventional 16" on center framing and found out how much easier it was to frame with the 24 inch module.

Lynden of Contract Lumber puts the material right where we need it. Our school is a fantastic place to build because we can even store our materials where they won't get wet.

On Saturday the eleventh of November, the girls basketball team came in and with the help of some of the Home B.A.S.E. students and Phil, they framed the garage.

The photo. to the left shows the completed garage standing up in our school ready to be trucked to site. When the garage foundation walls are finished, the garage will be trucked out to site stood up and attached to each other.

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