Week of October 9, 2006

We continued to layout and build our walls at school. At the end of the week all of long, 34' walls have been built in smaller pieces and the window and door framing framing were also built and installed. Phil, a new mentor for this year was out with us again.

Laying out the walls.

The long exterior walls.

Saturday, 10/14
CW starting on the left. Mrs. Seymore, Lisa, Katie, and Meera decide colors, finishes, and floor covering for the house.


  1. Looks like the team is making great progress! With natural gas at $8.95/ mmbtu for winter 2007/2008, the new owner sure will be glad to have the extra 2" of insulation in the walls.

  2. So where is a photograph of the design board? I'd like to see the interior choices you made!

  3. We are working on finalzing our color palette and interior finishes. Stay tuned for that.